Uniting families around a healthy dinner table is our vision, our passion.

This program was designed specifically to help individuals and families learn to live gluten (and GFCF) free. I have been living gluten free for 10 years. Even though I am a classically trained chef, have owned a restaurant and been a Managing Partner of a large restaurant chain, it has been tough. Gluten is lurking in places you would not expect. I created this program to help others navigate the gluten landmines and live a healthier life. It does not have to be overwhelming, overly expensive, or time consuming. Learning from someone who has walked the path can be very helpful. With our busy lives it is hard to do all the research ourselves. Let me do the hard work for you.

I am Kathy Babbitt. I can help you to achieve worry free eating at home and provide advise for dining out.


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