Our Services include Coaching, Classes and Consulting.

We will work together, one on one, to get you feeling more comfortable and confident with your gluten free (or gluten free/casein free) diet. This can be a big lifestyle change.

Why Do you Need GF or GFCF coaching or training?

Some of the reasons for needing a coach or consultant can be if you are a loved one has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, or your healthcare professional has told you that your need to restrict gluten and/or casein from your diet. Maybe you have decided that based on your own research that you need to avoid gluten and/or casein for yourself or a family member. This can feel overwhelming and you might want to seek guidance on how to get started.

You might also want assistance because you have been managing your gluten free and/or casein free diet and feel like you are stuck. You want to bring foods back into your diet that you use to love and do not know how to. Another reason might be that you are currently managing your gluten free diet and are not feeling the benefits and want someone to review what you are doing and identify where the problem might be. There is gluten and/or casein in places we do not even consider. Some candies, toothpastes, medicines and foods that seem innocent (Pringles potato chips…) could be the culprit. I can review what you are currently doing and help you to identify the problem and refresh your diet.


What are the Consulting Services?

I have learned to eat before I go, or take a snack with me because of not being able to eat at events I have attended. A consulting services would be very helpful for weddings, parties and other special occasions, when you need  to ensure that the food you are serving is safe for yourself or a guest that is gluten free. I will work with the chef to  make sure the ingredients in at least some of the foods are GF and you can let the person know which foods they can eat. Assuming that the beef roast is gluten free can be dangerous. There are several seasoning blends that have wheat in them for example.  There are so many small details that make a big difference for a guest that is living gluten free.

I can also consult on converting favorite family recipes to gluten free so that you can continue to enjoy them. There are several changes that need to be made when converting to gluten free flours and flour blends, simply replacing the flour cup for cup may not be enough. Also, different flours have different flavors and textures. I can alter most recipes or create a new recipe for you. I will then go over the recipe with you and we will make it together. Learning how to do the conversions will help you in the future to alter other favorites. Sometimes altering recipes can take multiple attempts and some are more difficult then others. The price for this service depends on the recipe and the difficulty of the conversion. Call me for more information.

One area that can be very important that I can help with is the safety of your home. There is so much conflicting information out there about how to make your home “gluten free”. I can go through your pantry with you and we can talk about the current foods you have. We can also discuss your cooking utensils, pans, strainers and other kitchen tools. We will talk at length about cross contamination and how to make your home safe for you and your loved ones.


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