Business and Restaurant Consulting

This is for restaurants, catering business and food venders that want to be able to provide safe gluten free and gluten free/casein  menu options but do not know where to start. I can also help with businesses that are offering those menu options but want to make sure they are executing the preparation properly. Simply putting gluten free items on the menu is not enough. Having a trained back of the house and front of the house staff can reassure your customers and drive business into your doors! Serving gluten free in an establishment that also serves gluten foods requires special attention to avoid cross contamination. This is a serious risk and just one celiac patient getting sick eating off your gluten free menu and telling their friends can negatively affect your bottom line!

There are 3 levels of consulting services to assist you in protecting your customers and insuring they become lasting guests in your establishment.

The First service is intended for restaurants that have already done the hard work of putting together a gluten free menu and want to check their procedures for potential cross contamination problems. This service takes place over 3 days for about 5 hours and is priced at $60.00 per hour ($300.00 investment). I will observe each shift including storage, preparation, handling and the serving of gluten free dishes. That will be done on the first 2 days and will take about 3 hours over the two days. On the third day I will present the results of my observations along with areas of opportunity as well as what you are doing well. This will be a printed report for you. This can be in the form of a one on one with owners and/manager of a staff meeting. Two hours are allotted for the final  meeting to allow for questions and discussion.

The second level is designed for establishments that are wanting to add gluten free & gluten free/casein free menu options. This consulting will take place over one week and will include 12 hours of consulting for $60.00 per hour ($720.00). This service includes menu collaboration, menu costing, recipe development, storage, handling and food preparation training for the managers and lead cook. The first day will be 5 hours and will focus on your objectives, type of food, and your customer demographics. We will also look at your current menu and if any of the items are gluten free naturally and we just need to look at preparation changes thus saving your money and time. The next day will be 5 hours continuing on menu development and training on the new items for the kitchen. The last two days will be an hour each for questions and adjustments as necessary.

The Third level of service can be an add on to either services and is a staff meeting complete with Training manuals and a presentation. The cost for this service is $500 for 5 Hours. Three of these hours are preparation for your meeting and 2 hours for the meeting. The training manuals are $30.00 each.


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