The G.I.F.T Program from BABBITTS, INC.

This program provides a unique service in the Tennessee Valley. This program was designed to assist people and their families make the transition to Gluten Free and Gluten Free Casein Free eating. This can be a difficult transition. It does not have to be. This program will help you with all aspects through this journey.


The cost for this program is $75 per hour unless purchased as part of a monthly contract. There may be additional charges for the Personalized Cooking Classes to convert recipes or do additional research to meet your specific needs. Any additional charges are discussed and agreed to in advance.

How to shop Gluten Free

This session will be in the grocery store where you shop. We will walk the isles together talking about the different foods on the shelves. I will show you what to look for on the ingredient panels, we will look for alternatives for your favorite foods. There is gluten in products that will surprise you. However, there are a lot of options for gluten free eating that are not overly expensive. You can still enjoy some of your favorite foods. I will help you navigate the gluten land mines on the grocery store shelves.

Personalized Cooking Classes

This session is done in your home. This way you will be using the equipment and utensils that you are familiar with. We will focus on how to covert your favorite foods to gluten free so that they are safe to eat. It is best that all household members are present if possible. I will help you with the use of the gluten free products on the market as well any other recipes that you need help with. Cross contamination is an issue if there will be gluten and gluten free products made in the home. I can address your concerns in that area also. It is not always necessary to discard all your pans, utensils, plates, glasses, silverware, etc. We will discuss cross contamination and what you need to do to protect you or your family member from affects of accidently eating gluten.

The Initial Session

This session is designed to help you and your family understand the different challenges you face and how to overcome them. We will talk about what you specifically need help with. Also at this meeting I will have advise on eating out, cross contamination issues and general information to get you started on the path to better health. I encourage as many household members be present as possible so that I can help with their questions too. We will discuss your normal eating patterns and your preference's. I will use that information for planning additional sessions so that they are relevant to your particular circumstances.

Advanced Training

Converting to a gluten free lifestyle may seem overwhelming, but I will show you it does not be have to be overly expensive, time consuming or challenging. Learning how to use the gluten free products that are currently in the marketplace can be essential to your health. The next two services are designed to further help you learn how to use some of the GF products that are out there so you can continue to enjoy the foods that you love.

Group Classes

These sessions will be done in local areas and will combine an informative presentation, guest speakers at times, and introduction to products that are on the market. The focus however, will be on getting answers to your questions. We will have an open forum so that you can learn from each others experiences. Please check the website for dates, times, locations and subjects for upcoming group classes.

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